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LOCAL ELECTRONIC AL-ANON/ALATEEN MEETINGS: Under the Meeting Schedule* tab on this website, please see the listing and log in information for local electronic meetings that are meeting at the same time and day as their regular registered group. 


NOTE: Grand Rapids Area Al-Anon / Alateen face-to-face meetings have been suspended due to Covid-19. If you need the password to access the listing of electronic meetings, call Al-Anon Information Services at (616) 222-0632 or email




Dear Al-Anon Members,

As many of you scramble to ensure availability of Al-Anon recovery, we are grateful to have as a resource the discussions occurring within the links of service on various AFG Connects communities. From these trusted servants, we can offer members who call us at the WSO two main messages of experience, strength, and hope about establishing temporary meetings:

  1. You are not alone-within Areas, Districts, and Al-Anon Information Services members are talking to each other and reasoning things out in addressing platform, meeting format, and other group questions. Ask for help!
  2. Al-Anon's unity and perhaps even its survival depends on adherence to our Traditions and principles-your group is welcome to establish a temporary online meeting to occur at the same day and time as its face-to-face meetings in accordance with the group's conscience. Informed group conscience decisions depend on learning as much as possible about which electronic platforms might best serve your meeting members.

From the shared experiences of our members, we know that most electronic platforms offer the ability to configure settings, many affecting anonymity. Settings to consider:

  • Whether to allow video sharing-groups which choose platforms supporting video need to remind members to protect the anonymity of others in the meeting from accidental viewing by passersby.
  • Informing members of the option to change their display name.
  • Disabling recording features.
  • Discarding personal information rather than storing it.

Other group meeting considerations:

  • Protecting our Conference Approved Literature copyright-offer members the opportunity to serve by reading CAL instead of sharing it online.
  • Displaying the Meeting Opening, Suggested Closing, and Our Three Legacies during meetings only when they do not persist after the meeting closes.
  • Receiving the Seventh Tradition-determine if it is possible to contribute to local and national services-which might have fixed expenses, such as rent and special workers-before face-to-face meetings resume.

So members and newcomers can find you, please share temporary meeting information with your local Al-Anon Information Service, District Representative, and Area Group Records Coordinator so temporary information can be posted on local websites depending on your group conscience. We still want families and friends of alcoholics to be able to find us!

All of us look forward to resuming our activities as they were before the current health crisis. In the meantime, the process of growing forward through this together is sure to bring added insight.


Thanks for all you are doing for families and friends of alcoholics!





Please email AISGR and District 20 if you have started an electronic meeting (phone or online) to substitute for your face-to-face meeting and are willing to share it with newcomers and our Al-Anon/Alateen community. Also, if you have found a great electronic online or phone platform please share your that information so we can share it with other meetings that want to do the same.



District 20:


Yours in Service,

Al-Anon and Alateen Information Service of Grand Rapids Area

AISGR Board of Trustees

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